Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month – We CAN Help Save Children!
We wanted to thank everyone for all of their support during Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, but is one month really enough?  THANK YOU to those who contributed!  We raised $154,925!!!  Your donations will help give children and families of pediatric cancer a little more hope than they may currently have.

At our Gala, Lia Gore, Co-Director of POETIC said, “we decided that we are not doing well enough for children with cancer and for their families” – and we AGREE!   POETIC was created “to develop new drugs for children with cancer and trying to take them all over the world much faster than they have been done otherwise.”  It is exactly why we have formed Connor Cures too.  We need to help children and families sooner and faster.  Lia once told Beth and I that she knew approvals that took 6 months felt like a lifetime.  She was right in that 6 months WAS Connor’s lifetime.  We need to find a way to do it better and faster.  Lia went on to say that she is,”extremely pleased to be able to say that [they] have a drug that [they] think is going to help.  That doesn’t happen very often…”  THIS IS BEYOND AMAZING AND WE ARE HONORED TO BE A PART OF IT.  This is the reason we fight for more funding and ask for donations.  For the full video, (we apologize for the lack of lighting, but the audio is quite good) please click here:

Lia Gore, Co-Director of POETIC, Speaks at Connor Cures Gala & Silent Auction

Over the past month, we have learned even more about the lack of funding for pediatric cancer.  At 4 Square Clobbers Cancer, a letter by Jenn Kramer about her nephew sums up a lot of our frustration with the “big” pediatric cancer organizations.  They all treat pediatric cancer as rare, but forget that the average child who dies from pediatric cancer loses 68 to 69 years of life.  We lose 7 children every day to pediatric cancer – that’s about 175,000 years of lost life annually!  That’s just not acceptable – we need to fund more research.  The big pharmaceuticals ignore pediatric cancer because there is not enough money in it for them.

We also “respect the fight against breast cancer, but it is not the only cancer out there affecting families” as Jenn said in her letter to the American Cancer Society.  It is AMAZING to see the results of the fight against breast cancer, we just want to see those same results in pediatric cancer too.  Why are ALL Pediatric Cancers consider just ONE type of cancer?  That is just the wrong way to approach curing pediatric cancer.  There are at least 10 different types of pediatric cancer.  “Cancer is the #1 cause of disease related death for children”  per our friends at the American Childhood Cancer Organization.  It is the #2 cause of death in children after Injury, but while not all injuries are preventable, many are.  Cancer is not preventable in children.

Please continue to help us raise awareness, visit our website, share our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, make a donation, volunteer, etc.  Thank you for Helping Connor Cure Cancer.