Our Story

Connor Robert White was born on July 6, 2012. He started showing symptoms on Thanksgiving Day and passed away 6 1/2 weeks later on January 6, 2013; the day he turned 6 months old. Cancer shows no mercy.

Connor is our inspiration for Connor Cures, but he was only one in a community that grows by 46 children diagnosed with cancer every day. He is only one of 7 children that die from pediatric cancer every day. While Pediatric Cancer may be rare, it is the #1 killer of children from disease.

We have formed Connor Cures (a 501c3 organization) with the following Mission:

1. Cure Pediatric Cancer by raising money to fund early clinical development of promising therapies for the treatment of children with cancer.

2. Unite many of the pediatric brain cancer foundations to create a cohesive voice in the fight against pediatric cancer.

3. Bring awareness to the lack of funding for pediatric cancer research.

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