Our Actions

We keep asking ourselves, how can we differentiate compared to other foundations?  We believe that these Actions are some of those differences:

1. Be Transparent. There are so many small foundations around that do so many great things. Before we started Connor Cures, we looked into many, many different foundations to find one we could support. We found a few great ones, but our biggest concern is – WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? In many/most cases, the foundations are small and don’t have the “staff” to do everything and are therefore unable to keep up with sharing the details. We will find a way to make sure this is a priority and already have many people on the team helping us build the foundation.

2. Provide Direct Research Funding. Even if a foundation tells us where the money goes, is it going to research? And if so, is most of it really going to research? We are already in discussions with groups where we would fund specific research related to rare pediatric cancers. We plan to be able to connect the dollars donated to the dollars needed for research.  We believe by putting money into organizations that can test rare cancers across multiple institutions, the results will be returned much faster than if we donate to single institutions.  We hope to have an announcement in the near future on our first research project.

3. Unite the Causes. Foundations are quite often very personal, just as ours is. While Connor will always be the driving force for us personally, the foundation is about much more than that. It is about saving children’s lives. Many other foundations have the same desire, but we’re all whispering into the wind. We will spend many hours working with other wonderful, dedicated groups to consolidate our voices into a strong, focused voice that cannot be ignored.

4. Partner with other Foundations.  Through donations, grants and fundraisers, we’ll give our supporters many ways to help the cause, raise awareness, and raise funds. We’ll look at synergies with other foundations to see how we can work together to make donations go further. We are open to working with the right groups to Help Connor Cure Cancer.

5. Researching Rare Cancers.  Based on conversations with doctors and researchers in the field, we believe that by researching rare cancers, there will be a positive trickledown effect to learn about all cancers.

The ideas above are just some of the ways we want to be different and if we find others that agree with us or share our vision, we want to hear from them and join with them to help children. If you agree, please LIKE us and SHARE our information to help spread the word.


Life is not fair, so all we can do is try to turn our sadness and anger into something positive. Connor has helped us open our eyes and realize we need to help. Please Help Connor Cure Cancer.

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