Connor would have turned 7 months old today.  As those of us with children will attest, in the first year every day is something new for infants.  Be it eating a new food, pulling themselves up a little, or even grabbing and holding something.  We can’t believe it’s been a month already.  We are starting to get our lives back to normal, but what is normal now?  I’m just not sure.  Part of normal is a lot of memories and sadness for now.  We know that the sadness will dissipate a bit over time, but the wound is still very fresh. I’m writing everyone here today to ask you for your help.  Everyone has been so generous with donations, but we’re looking for ideas to raise money to help cure pediatric cancer.  If you can take a minute and post any great fundraising ideas, we would appreciate it.  We are hopeful that we can raise millions of dollars in time to help cure this beast.

Some Statistics:

  • Looking at the National Cancer Institute website, it appears that breast cancer gets almost $700m from NIH for research annually.  While this is a very worthy cause, it now has a very high 5 year survival rate compared to other cancers due to the success of their fundraising through Susan G. Komen.
  • Brain tumors on the other hand get about $175m for research from National Cancer Institute  and of that, less than 12% (just under $20m) goes to pediatric brain tumors.  Of that $20m, almost none of it goes towards focused research on the rare brain tumors such as ATRT. Historically, the two year overall survival is less than 20% for all children with ATRT; however, this already poor prognosis is even more dismal for infants with ATRT.
  • With those statistics, we are clearly focused on raising money to support the research of rare brain tumors like ATRT and increase the survival rates so it is not a death sentence to these beautiful little children.

Please continue to pass the word along about our current push to raise initial funds to Help Connor Cure Cancer.

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