Honoring and Uniting

As the parents of a child who just passed away from cancer, we struggle with how to balance honoring our child with the need to unite.  We will do both. This fight is not just about Connor, it’s about all children who fought or are continuing to fight this horrible disease. We need to get everyone to work together to raise awareness and fund research that can be done quickly and leads to saving kids’ lives. There are many small foundations to support the cause, but there is a movement to work together.  We will be a part of that movement.

Connor will always be part of this fight.  He fought so hard for such a little guy that we will fight just as hard to work together to find a cure.  Please continue to LIKE and SHARE Connor’s story on Facebook and get involved in the movement to cure pediatric cancer.

Pediatric Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children.

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