Our Goal is to enable our community to raise funds to support pediatric cancer research in many forms. Initially, you can simply donate by clicking on the donate button below. Shortly, we will be annoucing our first large event to Help Connor Cure Cancer. In addition, we will be adding a section to the site for peer-to-peer fundraising – allowing you to host your own fundraiser directly through our website – be it a race; thon or something else you have in mind.

Our plan is for most of our net proceeds to go directly to specific cancer research projects with a small portion going to our pediatric foundations. We want to provide transparency and specificity on where the funds are going. We are in discussions with a major pediatric research consortium to fund specific phase 1 research projects that will hopefully be the first step towards improving the statistics of pediatric cancer survivorship.  The research project we are looking into has shown promise in children with many different pediatric cancers like AT/RT, DIPG and Leukemia, among others. Because we are selecting specific research projects, we will also be apply for grants to help support these projects.

How can you help? Please contact us if you can do any of the following:
  • Volunteer to help support our current planned events.
  • Plan your own event to Help Connor Cure Cancer.
  • If you have experience writing grants.

You can always make a donation too.